About Spiritual Hottie

Start your journey to bodacious enlightenment as a Spiritual Hottie

You may ask: “Spiritual Hottie, as in ‘spiritual’ plus ‘sexual?’ What’s that? The two don’t go together. Or do they?”

Glad that you asked! But I have a question of my own first. Have you ever wished you could reinvent yourself nearly from scratch? Maybe you felt judged by others – or yourself – for not being a good enough partner, friend, family member, colleague – you name it. Maybe you felt lonely and undesirable after a major break-up. Or maybe you felt that your life had become boring, with no room for imagination and playfulness. You’re certainly not alone. We might not share the same life story, but like you I’ve been in the deep trenches of self-judgment and self-pity, felt betrayed and angry, and had my share of deep loss. I felt that the zesty, juicy life was reserved only for the lucky ones – and I wasn’t among them.

And then, my life took a turn from bad to worse: My husband, the second one, mind you, told me that he was no longer in love with me. “What????” Everything inside me screamed. “I had already gone through this when my first husband left me for a former flame! I can’t do it again! I don’t want to!”

Talk about plunging from the bottom of an abyss into a black hole.

Life plays tricks on us. I found that if we don’t learn the lesson the first time, we’ll get another chance. And often that opportunity shows up under more dramatic conditions: The ground moves under our feet and we fall toward a scary and uncertain future. In that case, like chicks being pushed out of the nest by the Mama Bird, we have to spread our wings and trust that we are ready to fly.

Are you ready to soar? If yes, Spiritual Hottie is definitely for you. Here I’d like to co-create with each of you a space devoted to finding, crafting, and living our personal joie de vivre one day at a time with a touch (or a ton!) of humor and sensuality. Together we can find ways to feel adventurous; forgive before being asked for forgiveness; be compassionate; become the conductors of our own lives and gardeners of our own minds; allow ourselves to be playful, silly, and happy for no special reason; remember to breathelet go of our egos; and love unconditionally.

At the core, Spiritual Hottie’s message is about inspiring each other to discover who we are, heed the call of our souls, boldly pursue our dreams, build a supportive community, and take steps to feel vibrantly alive on every possible level – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Share your own gifts of learning with me and others. Make yourself at home. And, as always,

Be Inspired, Lighthearted, and Hot. No Matter What!