My collection of inspirational quotes about life. Let me know what you think!

SpiritualHottie_Letting go of the past SpiritualHottie_Teaching is two way SpiritualHottie_I am SpiritualHottie_Choose your own path SpiritualHottie_Making a difference

Spiritual Hottie_Forgiveness quote

Spiritual Hottie_Happiness journal

Spiritual Hottie_There are no failures, only lessons

Spiritual Hottie_And heck with what others might think

Spiritual Hottie_Feeling grateful today

Spiritual Hottie_Life is a blank canvas

Spiritual Hottie_Teachers are our fellow travelersSpiritual_Hottie_Girl_on_Fire2

Spiritual Hottie_Nature is creative

Spiritual Hottie_Worrying is like wearing a tie

Shoot for the stars

Life with no regrets



Hot rain boots


Is the glass half full or half empty?Let love in.




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