Thinking of breasts

Of Breasts

O. Orgasmic, obsessive, obscene.
F. Flag burning and breast revealing.

B. Bitch. A woman who shows her breasts. A woman who refuses to show her breasts.
R. Resting on Mom’s bosom, two hearts, one beat.
E. Erotic prelude and foreplay, “We’re eager to play!”
A. A hard nipple to pinch and to pierce, “Mr. Grey, you love me so fierce!”
S. Small and big. They are equal in A Nightmare on Lump Street.
T. The breast alphabet — A, B, C, D, DD, extra DD — only stops at the size of his wallet.
S. “Signorina, che bella!” Venus is born.


P.S. The assignment at a writing workshop was to write a poem evoking images of breasts. For fun, I added a twist: The first letter of each sentence forms the title.

What’s your image of breasts? Write me a poem in response!


Photo credit: GabeB.